My name is Christian Specht, and this is my personal site.
I'm a software developer and I use this site to feature my projects and (occasionally) some blogging.

Recent Posts:

Building a pseudo-dynamic tree menu with Jekyll

I'm in the process of moving an existing site to Jekyll. The existing site was built with a CMS, which generates a dynamic tree menu. Imagine a sitemap like this: Home First menu First menu...

Jun 18 2014 | jekyll

Generating an image gallery with Jekyll and Lightbox2

For a Jekyll-powered site that I'm building, I needed an image gallery. I browsed the "Sites built with Jekyll" list in Jekyll's GitHub wiki to see how others do galleries with Jekyll, but I didn't...

Mar 08 2014 | jekyll, image-gallery, lightbox2

Excel found unreadable content (when exporting a Reporting Services report)

A few days ago, I ran into a strange bug in SQL Server Reporting Services 2012. It started with a helpdesk ticket, someone wasn't able to export a certain report to Excel. The report itself...

Jan 14 2014 | sql-server, reporting-services, excel, wtf

Hello, Jekyll!

I migrated this site again...this time to Jekyll. Why again? When I migrated from WordPress to Blogofile in the beginning of 2013, I evaluated other static site generators (Octopress and Pelican) as well, before settling...

Dec 31 2013 | jekyll, blogofile, markdown

Publishing a web project with MSBuild (with multiple configurations)

Publishing a web project in Visual Studio is easy and well documented, but it gets complicated when you want to get the same result with MSBuild. In my case, I'm trying to get MSBuild to...

Dec 16 2013 | .net, msbuild, visual-studio

Printing existing PDF files with MS Access and SumatraPDF

To make things clear from the beginning: This is about using VBA/MS Access to send existing PDF files to a printer, NOT about creating new PDF files from reports! When you have existing PDF files...

Sep 26 2013 | ms-access, vba, printing

Tinkerforge Weather Station, part 2 - Connecting to a Raspberry PI

This is the second part of me playing around with the Weather Station Starter Kit from Tinkerforge. In the first part, I assembled the Weather Station (including Wi-Fi) and wrote a basic application in C#...

Aug 15 2013 | electronics, tinkerforge, weather-station, raspberry-pi

Basic Authentication in ASP.NET Web API

For my current project Tasko, I'm writing a service backend in ASP.NET Web API at the moment. I already had a usable basic version for some time, the last thing that was missing was authentication....

Aug 02 2013 | .net, web-api, authentication

Tinkerforge Weather Station, part 1 - Intro and construction

This is my first "real" try to write software for an electronic device. Actually, I already controlled an USB Missile Launcher. But I didn't really interact much with the hardware then, I just bought a...

Jun 17 2013 | electronics, tinkerforge, weather-station