My name is Christian Specht, and this is my personal site.
I'm a software developer and I use this site to feature my projects and (occasionally) some blogging.

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Generating sitemap.xml in Jekyll, without using plugins

After my blog was already online for a while, I discovered Google Webmaster Tools and sitemaps while reading about the SEO basics. According to the link, a sitemap in its simplest form is just an...

Apr 16 2015 | jekyll

Creating a 'holiday map' in Google Maps

I recently read a book where one of the characters loved travelling. Each time he was able to spare some money (and vacation days), he travelled to a country where he never had been before....

Jan 22 2015 | html, google-maps-api

Using jQuery to integrate SimpleLeague tables into Jekyll sites

When I started building SimpleLeague last year, I needed it to show results and league tables in an existing website, built with a PHP-based CMS. So I just used PHP's include, with allow_url_include enabled to...

Nov 23 2014 | jekyll, jquery, simpleleague

How to display Markdown files from other sites: now with caching!

For quite some time now, the content of the project pages on my site (this one, for example) was coming directly from the respective Markdown readme file on Bitbucket (this one, for example). I already...

Nov 09 2014 | jekyll, markdown, php

Separate pages per tag/category with Jekyll (without plugins)

Apparently one of the challenges that many new Jekyll users are facing is how to create nice-looking tag/category pages like this one without plugins (because most plugins won't work on GitHub Pages). Note: I'll use...

Oct 25 2014 | jekyll

Easy meta redirects with Jekyll

If you ever did the work of converting a website that was originally built with some other technology to Jekyll, you've probably encountered the need to do redirects. Most likely when the URLs of the...

Sep 15 2014 | jekyll

Jekyll / Lightbox2 image gallery, another approach

In one of my recent posts, I showed how to build an image gallery with Jekyll and Lightbox2. The gallery featured there consists of one index page and multiple subpages, and all the content was...

Aug 22 2014 | jekyll, image-gallery, lightbox2

Building a pseudo-dynamic tree menu with Jekyll

I'm in the process of moving an existing site to Jekyll. The existing site was built with a CMS, which generates a dynamic tree menu. Imagine a sitemap like this: Home First menu First menu...

Jun 18 2014 | jekyll

Generating an image gallery with Jekyll and Lightbox2

For a Jekyll-powered site that I'm building, I needed an image gallery. I browsed the "Sites built with Jekyll" list in Jekyll's GitHub wiki to see how others do galleries with Jekyll, but I didn't...

Mar 08 2014 | jekyll, image-gallery, lightbox2

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