My name is Christian Specht, and this is my personal site.
I'm a software developer and I use this site to feature my projects and (occasionally) some blogging.

Featured Projects:


Minimalistic tool to display tabular league data (results, rankings etc.) in existing websites.


.NET library to control an USB Missile Launcher

Bitbucket Backup

A backup tool which clones all your Bitbucket repositories to your local machine

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Recent Posts:

Overriding built-in MS Access functions: giving the MsgBox a default title

If you ever used a MsgBox in a Microsoft Access application, you probably noticed that it always says “Microsoft Access” in the title bar by default: MsgBox "Hello World" If you want to hide the...

Jun 14 2016 | ms-access, vba

My home backup strategy, part 3: Non-technical family members

I’m the only person in my extended family who works in IT, so I’m obviously “good with computers”…which means I’m implicitly responsible for other people’s computers as well. There’s a good chance that if you’re...

Mar 21 2016 | backup, command-line

My home backup strategy, part 2: Online services

In the first part of this post, I described my basic home backup strategy, i.e. how I’m making backups of the important data on all computers, smartphones and other devices at home. But of course...

Jan 17 2016 | backup, bitbucket-backup, roboshell-backup, source-control

My home backup strategy, part 1: the basics

Years ago, before NAS drives and cloud services were common, I had one single desktop computer and all my data was on its C: drive. Even though I was already working in IT for years...

Nov 01 2015 | backup, command-line, roboshell-backup

Generating sitemap.xml in Jekyll, without using plugins

After my blog was already online for a while, I discovered Google Webmaster Tools and sitemaps while reading about the SEO basics. According to the link, a sitemap in its simplest form is just an...

Apr 16 2015 | jekyll

Creating a 'holiday map' in Google Maps

I recently read a book where one of the characters loved travelling. Each time he was able to spare some money (and vacation days), he travelled to a country where he never had been before....

Jan 22 2015 | html

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