My name is Christian Specht, and this is my personal site.
I'm a software developer and I use this site to feature my projects and (occasionally) some blogging.

Featured Projects:


Minimalistic tool to display tabular league data (results, rankings etc.) in existing websites.


.NET library to control an USB Missile Launcher

Bitbucket Backup

A backup tool which clones all your Bitbucket repositories to your local machine

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Recent Posts:

VeraCrypt integration for RoboShell Backup

Before TrueCrypt development ceased in 2014, I added support for TrueCrypt encryption to RoboShell Backup. In the meantime, multiple TrueCrypt forks have been developed based on the last “good” version. Until now, I was still...

Jan 07 2018 | backup, roboshell-backup

Fixing Resource.Designer.cs generation in .NET Core

When you’re starting a project using a technology which is still in alpha/beta status, sometimes things break. I experienced this with .NET Core. I created a new project with it in the beginning of 2016,...

Nov 29 2017 | .net, visual-studio

Running a combined Jekyll/PHP site on XAMPP

Why this combination? Some would say that using it together with a server-side language defeats the purpose of a static site generator, but in my opinion it makes sense in certain cases. I think my...

Oct 04 2017 | jekyll, php, web

Deleting an SSH key from Git Gui

For my current hobby project, I’m using Git and GitHub regularly for the first time. I don’t like using source control via the command line (for Mercurial, I’m using TortoiseHG), so I’m still experimenting with...

Aug 18 2017 | command-line, source-control

DNS settings for GitHub Pages/Read the Docs, with only one A record

Recently I set up a new website for a new project of mine. I wanted to use GitHub Pages for the website and Read the Docs for the documentation, both with the same custom domain...

Feb 26 2017 | web

Jekyll dynamic tree menu: show the whole menu at once

Over two years ago, I wrote a blog post about building a dynamic tree menu with Jekyll. Now I received an e-mail from Viesturs K, with a question about this post: What I would like...

Oct 09 2016 | jekyll

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