My name is Christian Specht, and this is my personal site.
I'm a software developer and I use this site to feature my projects and (occasionally) some blogging.

Featured Projects:

SCM Backup

Makes offline backups of your cloud hosted source code repositories


Minimalistic tool to display tabular league data (results, rankings etc.) in existing websites.


.NET library to control an USB Missile Launcher

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Recent Posts:

Deleting an SSH key from Git Gui: the easy Windows solution

About four years ago, I wrote a blog post about deleting a SSH key from Git GUI. At the time of writing this, I was a new Git user and just played around with SSH...

Oct 06 2021 | source-control, ssh

Bitbucket Pipelines: Fixing 'The ECDSA host key has changed'

I recently pushed to a Bitbucket repository and expected Bitbucket Pipelines to deploy the site via SSH/rsync to my webserver. But rsync failed with this wall of text: (the project is private, so I have...

Apr 07 2021 | ci, ssh, wtf

Building/deploying Jekyll and Hugo sites via GitLab CI

After auto-deploying Jekyll sites via Bitbucket Pipelines and GitHub Actions, I wanted to try the same thing via GitLab CI as well. I had one more Jekyll site in a private Mercurial repository which I...

Feb 18 2021 | ci, hugo, jekyll, ssh

Creating an image gallery with Hugo and Lightbox2

In the last few years, I built multiple static sites with Jekyll. Altogether, I’m happy with Jekyll, but there are a few things that could be better, with the build duration being on top of...

Aug 10 2020 | hugo, web

Building and deploying a Jekyll site via GitHub Actions

Until now, the source code of my blog was on Bitbucket, and on each commit the site was build with Jekyll and then deployed via rsync over SSH to my webspace, all with Bitbucket Pipelines....

May 03 2020 | ci, jekyll, ssh

Setting up CI for this site with Bitbucket Pipelines and SSH

After years of executing a “build and upload per FTP” batch on my machine, I now have a GitHub Pages-like experience when updating this site. The source code lives in a repository on Bitbucket, and...

Feb 26 2020 | ci, jekyll, ssh

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