My name is Christian Specht, and this is my personal site.
I'm a software developer and I use this site to feature my projects and (occasionally) some blogging.

Featured Projects:

SCM Backup

Makes offline backups of your cloud hosted source code repositories


Minimalistic tool to display tabular league data (results, rankings etc.) in existing websites.


.NET library to control an USB Missile Launcher

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Recent Posts:

Migrating my blog from Jekyll to Hugo

A few weeks ago, I migrated my blog for the third time…after WordPress, Blogofile and Jekyll it’s now powered by Hugo. There’s nothing wrong with Jekyll. I just became more proficient with Hugo in the meantime (I hope I’m behind the steepest part of Hugo’s learning curve now…) and besides its insane build speed, I like the simplicity of installing/updating Hugo (compared to Ruby/Jekyll) on Windows machines.

May 30 2024 | jekyllhugoweb

Implementing post series in Jekyll

There were several occasions in the past where I wrote a “post series”, i.e. multiple posts about the same topic that belong together. Until now, there was only one way to visually indicate this: including the name of the series in the post title, like this:

Dec 29 2023 | jekyllweb

Hugo/Lightbox image gallery: Renaming processed images

After the last post, I thought I was finished with my Hugo/Lightbox image gallery, but there was one more thing I didn’t like: the filenames generated by Hugo’s image processing. As a reminder, my current image gallery shortcode (including image captions from EXIF data and overlaying images with a logo) looks like this:

Mar 18 2023 | hugolightbox2web

Hugo/Lightbox image gallery: Overlay images with logo

Another nice addition to the Hugo/Lightbox2 image gallery: one of Hugo’s available image filters is able to overlay the gallery images with a logo. Before we start, here’s the previous version of the gallery shortcode (including the EXIF caption from the last post) for reference:

Sep 15 2022 | hugolightbox2web

Hugo/Lightbox image gallery: Loading image captions from EXIF data

When I figured out how to create an image gallery with Hugo and Lightbox2, there’s one thing I left out: image captions. In Lightbox2 itself, this is straightforward. Here’s the generated HTML from the current version of my Hugo/Lightbox2 gallery, for one single image (image URLs shortened for brevity):

Jun 29 2022 | hugolightbox2web

Ten years of blogging

I missed the exact date by a few days, but ten years ago I wrote my first post here. It doesn’t feel like I wrote that much in that time, but it’s actually almost 50 posts (this one is number 46).

Mar 18 2022 | misc

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