The “CV” link in the sidebar used to link directly to my Stack Overflow Developer Story (, the only online CV that I had for years.

Unfortunately SO decided to discontinue it, so for now here’s the last version as a PDF file:
CV Christian Specht

My Developer story also had a nice introductory text, which is unfortunately missing in the PDF export, so I’m adding it here:

In-house developer and DBA at weinor, a mid-sized manufacturing company in Cologne, Germany. We produce high quality awnings, conservatory roofs and window shades.

My main job is Enterprise Development:
Maintaining and supporting the company’s in-house ERP system and adding new features to it.

Plus, I’m also the DBA and general database go-to guy for our ERP system database as well as all other databases, including those belonging to 3rd party tools.

The systems I develop and maintain are essential for daily operations and enable over 300 people to sell, produce and ship awnings and conservatories worth many millions of € per year.

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